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The Other Way Around Burnout
5:00 PM17:00

The Other Way Around Burnout


Stress is part of our busy lives. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a founder, a company employee or a leader – demanding life and work routines require us to handle countless challenges.

How do we stay resilient in rapid-pace environments and navigate through complexity?

How do we prevent burnout and thrive while carrying out a meaningful mission?

In a unique participatory workshop, we will tap into the wisdom of employing well-being on a daily basis – in order to stay well while doing well.

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”Flera Vera”
2:15 PM14:15

”Flera Vera”

Sverige behöver fler kvinnor i teknikbranschen. Men på flera ingenjörsutbildningar och i många tekniska yrken är kvinnorna idag försvinnande få. Hur kan vi få dem att bli fler?

År 1917 tog Sveriges första kvinnliga ingenjör – Vera Sandberg – examen vid Chalmers. Sverige behöver fler som Vera! Industrin skriker nämligen efter tekniskt kompetent arbetskraft, och det blir allt mer etablerat att en jämnare könsbalans gynnar teknikutvecklingen. Så hur kan vi få fler kvinnor att känna sig behövda, bli inspirerade av vad de kan åstadkomma med ingenjörskonsten som verktyg och att trivas på tekniska arbetsplatser och utbildningar?


Chalmers i samarbete med

IVA, Sveriges Ingenjörer och Teknikföretagen


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Legal clinic – for CV-portfolio companies!
2:30 PM14:30

Legal clinic – for CV-portfolio companies!

Welcome to Legal Clinic 2019! (Exclusive for members from the CV-portfolio)

This is an offer to all our startups in our programs. We are really excited and
believe this will be a great offer to you.

This day is free of charge through the partnership with our great knowledge partners in Legal Clinic;
Delphi, Nordia, Glimstedt and Fondia.

·         14:30-15:00: Starting up + Fika

·         15:00-15:30: Delphi seminar: GDPR + Q&A

·         15:30-16:00: Nordia seminar: Shareholders agreements + Q&A

·         16:00-16:15: Break + snacks

·         16:15-16:45: Glimstedt seminar: Trade secrets + Q&A

·         16:45-17:15: Fondia seminar: Incentive programs for staff + Q&Q

·         17:15-17:30: Break

·         17:30-18:30: Bookable one-on-one meetings with our partners to receive answers on your legal matters.

·         Mingle and snacks.

Read more and book an extra 15 min dedicated slot with one of our partners below.


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Project Management-case and mingle with CHARM and Jeppesen Systems AB
5:30 PM17:30

Project Management-case and mingle with CHARM and Jeppesen Systems AB

Evening: “Case Night with Jeppesen: Can you outsmart an optimizer?”

The problems we solve at Jeppesen are complex; how complex? Imagine that you would have to go through billions of combinations and decide which ones do actually solve your problem, are legal plus make sense from a cost perspective. Not convinced yet? Join us for our case-night, work in teams with other students and try to come up with the optimal solution to a classic airline problem that our tools are facing daily! You will also get the chance to talk to graduates that started working at Jeppesen recently, managers and optimization experts and get a better idea of how it is to work at Jeppesen.

Looking forward to welcome you all!

Limited to 50 participants and food will be provided.

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Entrepreneurship.By Chalmers. meets CING
5:30 PM17:30

Entrepreneurship.By Chalmers. meets CING

Entrepreneurship.By Chalmers. is Chalmers’ drive to make Chalmers a leading entrepreneurial University.

Chalmers has through the years produced many different high level activities within research, education, investments and incubation that strengthens entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learnings. To gather all initiativs under one concept, Entrepreneurship.By Chalmers. was created.

During this evening Chalmers Ingenjörsförening, CING, will learn more about Chalmers’ stategical work to reach the goal of being the most entrepreneurial University in year 2029.

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