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Hydrogen, why we need (to sense) it - Christoph Langhammer

  • Veras Gräsmatta Vera Sandbergs Allé 8 (map)

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and upon reaction with oxygen it produces loads of energy and only water as the byproduct. Sounds almost too good to be true in times where alternative energy systems are more important than ever?!

In my talk, I will first discuss the status and potential of a “Hydrogen Economy”, where hydrogen gas serves as the carbon-free and sustainable source of energy. On this basis, I will then discuss opportunities in this context on the example of our recent research efforts towards the development of the world’s fastest optical hydrogen sensor. For this technology, we are now are devising a commercialization concept together with the innovation support system at Chalmers and with Insplorion AB, an SME based in Göteborg, which once was started as a spin-off together with the School of Entrepreneurship.

I am professor in Physics at Chalmers University, where I currently lead a cross-disciplinary research team of 14 people. In my research endeavors, I span all the way from truly fundamental and curiosity-driven research to application-focused topics such as sensor development. This is due to my conviction that only applications anchored in fundamental understanding will have a chance to excel in the global technology competition. I am also the co-founder and scientific advisor of Insplorion AB.


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