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Morning Boost - Ram Nair

Fungi based alternative protein.

Transforming the protein landscape through circular economy

Mycorena AB is a biotechnology company creating alternative vegan protein using special food grade fungi. With our innovative circular economy process, we use low value byproducts or waste streams from food industries and create a fungi-based protein that can replace traditional protein like meat and soy. We call our innovative fungi protein: PROMYC.

With Promyc, we can supply the world that demands for more sustainable protein, while solving the rising problem of industrial food waste. By replacing animal and plant-based protein with our new fungi-based protein alternative, we enable food industries to create more food using less resources, making them more innovative, sustainable and climate friendly.

Ram Nair - Mycorena .png

I’m Ramkumar and I’m the Founder-CEO of Mycorena. I’m involved with Mycorena since 2018, after finishing my research assignment at the University of Gothenburg. I got my PhD in industrial biotechnology from the Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery, in the year 2017.  In this talk I’ll share my story of how the Swedish start-up ecosystem facilitated my transformation from a researcher to a start-up entrepreneur; And how Mycorena is now positioning itself to be one of the fast-growing foodtech start-up in Sweden.

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Later Event: October 30
GMW - Sustainability award