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Björn Sandén - Can the entrepreneur change the course of history

  • Veras Gräsmatta Vera Sandbergs allé 8 Gothenburg, Västra Götalands län Sweden (map)

Understanding history and change includes pondering the constant battle between the role of deep structures, la long durée and natural trajectories on the one side and heroic actors and pivotal events on the other. In the absence of your entrepreneurial action, will someone else step in and take on a similar role since the “time is right” on the inescapable journey of humankind determined by our collective past or future attractors?

Or, can you change the course of history by setting something new in motion? Such profound questions will be touched upon in this light talk on a famous Swedish inventor, a German institutional entrepreneur and a systems understanding of change.

Björn Sandén is professor of Environmental Systems Analysis and Technology Assessment at the Department of Energy and Environment at Chalmers University of Technology. He conducts research, writes and teaches on a range of topics related to the governance of technology in societal transition...