Veras Gräsmatta and Sweden's first female engineer, Vera Sandberg

You can find Veras Gräsmatta at Vera Sandbergs Allé 8, named for Vera Sandberg, Sweden's first female engineer. We explain why below.

Vera Sandberg was born on May 23, 1895 at Hångers farm in Ljungby, Southern Sweden. During her childhood, her family ran Långasjönäs paper mill in Blekinge, and Vera grew up with her mother and grandmother. In this environment, Vera developed a keen interest in chemistry and was eager to increase her knowledge in that sphere. She wanted to go to the renowned Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.

Historically, the University had only admitted male students, but that didn't stop Vera Sandberg. When she matriculated in 1914, Sandberg was the only woman among 500 men. It is believed that she had to pass tough tests to get into the institution, while the men were accepted on their grades.

After graduating in 1917, Sandberg threw herself into another male-dominated world, working at the AB Skandinaviska refinery in Partille, the oil factory in Karlshamn, the rubber factory in Helsingborg and finally Sieverts cable works in Sundbyberg. You can see her working in the laboratory in an image in a commemorative book from Sieverts Cable Lab.

Self-belief, daring to contravene prevailing norms and social structures and breaking new ground in the true spirit of enterpreneurs - these were the hallmarks of Vera Sandberg. That's why we named the meeting place for entrepreneurship and innovation "Veras Gräsmatta" - Vera's lawn. This is the place to meet - for students, researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators who want to think outside the box, be ahead of their time and create new values for tomorrow's society.